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English Teachers IN Okinawa's Mission Statement

  • To make Okinawa an international island & destination for tourists all over the world.

  • To help promote Okinawa to the world.

  • To work with companies in the tourism and hospitality industry.

  • To help local businesses and the local economy by giving them the tools to go global.

  • To help the future economy & development of Okinawa by provide international training events, seminars, and language lessons.

How international is your company, hotel, school, etc.?

At English Teachers in Okinawa, we can support all of your language needs. Our staff consists of bilingual & native speakers who have experience teaching to companies, hotels, individuals, schools, etc., all over Okinawa!

Our objective is to help improve communication with international customers by improving the students’ speaking, reading, writing, & comprehension in English and other languages.

We can also help to:

  • Better understand different customs & cultures.
  • Help Okinawa raise the customer service level to an international one.
  • Help make Okinawa companies & hotels more international.

Do you want group, private, or online lessons at your company, home, hotel, school, etc.?

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Why your staff should study a foreign language!

  • English is the international language of the world - especially for tourism!!!

  • In every country in the world, schools teach their children English because English is useful in a person’s life.

  • The number one economy in the world is the US and the number two economy in the world is China!

  • Okinawa has direct flights to China, Hong Kong, Korea, & Taiwan, as well as Singapore & Thailand, where they speak English fluently.

  • English is the primary language used  on the internet! 

  • Learn a foreign language to travel, work abroad, connect with global friends, or get a job on a US military base.

Class Options

Studnets learning to play traditional Okinawan instruments.

English Teachers in Okinawa can provide you with a full-range of language support services: from private to group lessons for adults & children (from 3 years and up). In addition to English lessons, we offer Chinese, Japanese, Korean & other languages as well. We also provide professional translation and interpreting services in several languages - Please get in touch with us to request specific languages.

We offer a range of international services, including multilingual Okinawa tours and tour guides, language study and internship programs, event coordination, import/export support, marketing consulting, bilingual staffing, accommodation assistance, and multilingual website design.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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1.English Classes

  • Business English
  • Company Classes
  • Conversational English
  • EIKEN - all levels
  • Family Classes
  • Kids Classes
  • Hotel & Hospitality English
  • Online Classes
  • TOEIC beginner
  • TOEIC 750+ (for people who want to work on base or for a foreign company)
  • Travel English

2.Chinese, Japanese or Korean Classes

  • Business Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Company Classes
  • Conversational Chinese, Japanese or Korean
  • Family Classes
  • Kids Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Online Classes
  • Travel Chinese, Japanese or Korean

3.Other Language Classes

  • Business Classes
  • Company Classes
  • Conversational Classes
  • Family Classes
  • Kids Classes
  • Online Classes
  • Travel Classes

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